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We are a web firm, we are happy to build anything, but here are some of the things we Specialize in

Wordpress Custom Theming

Wordpress Custom Theming

WordPress is a wonderful piece of open source software. We respect and use all the CMS systems, we but there is something special about WP. It give you the web's best tools and by doing so, WordPress saves you time and money.

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Website Redesigns

Website Redesigns

Many clients have already built a website, and are looking to expand on it. We focus redesigns around lead generation; namely how to get more from the current user base, while expanding to a greater audience.

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Website Fixes & Repairs

Website Fixes & Repairs

A lot of developers don't want to work on older websites and will suggest a redesign. What are you supposed to do if you need something fixed today, and don't have time to wait for a full redesign? Call us, we are experts at jumping in and fixing issues to keep you updating smoothly.

Have someone "take a look at that"

Convert A Website To Spanish

Convert A Website To Spanish

Reach a new audience and have it done the right way; We employ both Spanish & English developers and translators. We translate EVERYTHING about your website and we don't use translation software. Let us help open up your business to Spanish speakers today!

Get Your Website Translated

Microsite Campaigns

Microsite Campaigns

Just like the spokes on the hub of a wheel, there is strength in numbers. You can reach a more targeted audience with Microsites because they allow you the ability to show off your niche, and talk about parts of your business more specifically. Microsites also work as a proven strategy in Pay Per Click campaigns.

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Costa Rican Eco-Friendly Business Websites

Costa Rican Eco-Friendly Business Websites

All things tropical and good for the environment are welcomed at Web Kinetics Lab. We specialize in bringing the vibrance of your tropical business to life on the internet. Supporting eco-tourism is something we are actively engaged in and we hope you consider us for your next project.

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Design & Development Works

A big "Thank You" to everyone over at Web Kinetics Lab!

I honestly didn't think you would get everything done on time, but you finished gracefully and the website is already making me money with new leads. I've never had this type of conversion rate on my CPL before. What is your secret?

Marcus G.

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