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The #1 concern of most of our clients is simply initiating that first conversation with a new web services professional.  Why?  Well, I don't know exactly, but I have a few theories:

7 Reasons For Reluctance

"It is easier for me to find someone I know or my friend knows to do the website.  It just seems more trustworthy that way."


This is completely true in many regards. The comfort of knowing there is accountability in association is the main reason many of us were able to get into the business of building websites. Word of mouth, and everything that goes along with it in terms of reputability is a Win/Win situation for the client and the developer.

"All the computer-type people I have known are really quite strange, and don't communicate in a normal business manner."


Ok, ok, we know. The last guy gave you the creeps, and always sent friend requests to your personal Facebook account after a project was over. When asked if it was possible to update a project by the end of the week, he would laugh loudly & uncontrollably in the middle of a business meeting . Other times, he would just simply never respond to your emails, his phone would be shut off, and the only way you could get in touch with him is if you called his mother's house. Ok, yes, fair enough, we have all been there, but I assure you there is much more to the web world than basements dwelling developers.

"What if they do not follow through with the agreement and the website becomes a disaster. I could lose credibility."

No Accountability

This is a problem we have seen in the website development industry for a long time, and it is something usually learned in hindsight. In fact, much of our early business came from simply going in and cleaning up after failing or disappearing freelance web designers. It pays to simply be able to be professional and to fix websites when they are broken. Much of the time, you end up hiring someone who is just about to get a great full time position at a web agency. They become more expensive or completely out of touch and unresponsive. This is a legitimate problem on the web these days.

"I paid for the CMS system, I should be able to do it myself!"


Yes, Absolutely. Well, did they tell you that you might need training? Did the developer offer a tutorial for your new administrative interface or did they just send you a password and a link? If so, you have felt this pain before. We assure you, your CMS system is relevant and powerful, it is just that many clients have never received the proper training, or the site was never set up to be run efficiently via the admin panel. These things happen. It is not a reason to give up on all your hard work, but most new web agencies will tell you to scrap the site and start anew. We only do that when necessary, but prefer to work with what the client has when possible.

"I've already redesigned my website so many times, I can't imagine having someone new come in and change everything"


Neither could we. After going through the entire 2000's with the web developing so rapidly that as soon as you rolled out a new website, it was being considered obsolete. Combine that the notion that your web developer might not be there for the full life of your website, and a small business owner can get headaches trying to chase leads online. With a modest budget, many are able to have a decent website built, but these sites never get visitors, leaving the need for the client to ask for the one thing they truly need from the website: leads.

"Well, Travis is just finishing his 2nd year in art school, and he has taken an html class, I can just have him build my website, it would be so good for him to get experience."


Perfectly understandable, but possibly one of the greatest mistakes a small business owner can make when looking to get a website built for a cheaper price; or sometimes no price at all. You are a smart self-made business person, and you know the phrase "you get what you pay for" but still, the enticement of tapping into younger and cheaper talent is always strong. We always have believed in the idea of "keeping the money in the family", so we can understand the motivation.

"I just don't have the budget for a full services website right now"


This could easily be the number one problem. It happens every time you talk with a web agency that really seems to know what they are doing. From one conversation to the next, you feel more and more comfortable. You start seeing the bells and whistles of the new website wireframe and you start seeing what could be. Then you receive a proposal of $8479 and that is not including the ecommerce shopping cart you need to sell your products. This stops most people from contacting web professionals, but if you contact us, you will find we have an answer to every one of these problems in the least expected way. The answer to every one of these valid issues is:

All these reasons are exactly why you SHOULD contact a us

Plain and simple, the answer to every one of these reasons for reluctancy in contacting a web professional can be solved by doing exactly that: Contacting a Web Professional. A strong and reputable web agency is exactly what you need to solve these issues. We know how to handle these problems by offering solutions that fit many different client needs. You want an experienced web development group primarily because we can offer solutions to all these problems. Here is how Web Kinetics Lab would can solve some of the problems listed above:


A friend of a friend is still only that: an acquaintance. A web firm puts their name and reputation on the line with every new client. A freelancer can simply choose to not tell people they failed at your website and move on in their lives with no accountability. If you want trust and if you want discreet disclosure, no one can be better trusted than a web agency like Web Kinetics Lab. We have families and friends who we never want to let down, just the same way as any acquaintance you may find. We value trust and grow trust in our client relationships because that is what makes us successful, and by working hard for those relationships, we value our clients more.


If you are a web agency, it proves a few things; One, you truly believe in the internet. Two, you have learned how to truly communicate throughout all phases of the development process. Reaching out to a web agency is far easier than trying to chase down the random freelancer who you never have met. Yes, his prices are a bit cheaper, but he doesn't offer any results. If you begin project with us, you will immediately see that communication and organization are like nothing you have dealt with in the past. Having a company who can lay out all your options for you in advance, can help you to build marketing strategies and sales techniques before the eventual roll out of the website.


Maintaining or increasing your credibility is a web professional's main goal. In fact, we believe that is our business. Every project, as it takes on a life of its own, becomes integral to our business. This means that our businesses build a synergy by growing together and building a long term working relationship. A web agency like Web Kinetics Lab has a name to uphold, so by contacting a web professional you are able to leverage that brand value and equating it into real world accountability for your business's website.


This is one of the hardest points to explain to a wayward client: exactly why this happens to clients time and again. A CMS system, like WordPress for example, is a great system of files that offers clients the ability to update their content. The problem is that it isn't always so straightforward. The best way to explain why this happens to to look at the system that WordPress is. You find a theme, you customize it to your business, and add content befitting your style. It takes time and customization to make a theme run perfectly for a specific client. Well, it is the same thing for the administration section. This often gets overlooked in the development process, so that without training and proper set up of the back-end CMS system you paid so much for, it ends up being a cost rather than a profit. When you purchase a site with a CMS, a web professional will teach you how to use it as well. This is what we might call a rookie mistake for a new freelance web developer, but if you contact us we can set your CMS system straight.


The idea behind "needing to redesign everything" is something that has come from many years of badly coded websites. It is more than a trend or a fad, but an actual way of doing business as a web design agency. The reason is because many times the cost of trying to work with the already existing code would end with terrible results and both sides frustrated. This is another case when working with true web professionals can solve the problem once and for all. In this day and age, we at Web Kinetics Lab believe this old trend is no longer prudent. If you have the making of a decent WordPress site, but many "cracks in the pavement" it is not always a reason to redesign your website. Call the experts, because it is the rookies who don't completely understand the full workings of a coding language that really request redesigns. Many times, it is the best option, but we don't believe that should be because the web agency is lazy.


This is a particular case in which we can relate to. Web kinetics Lab is full of designers and developers that got their start in this very same fashion. Family and friends would lean their business towards us, rather than making us compete with big time web agencies for business. That being said, why don't we take this to the next level? In this situation, Web kinetics Lab can offer an internship for "Travis", and have him get some real agency experience. We are always willing to work with and teach the young and upcoming generation the ins and outs of doing business on the web, and hopefully in the end, we can grow a wonderful employee out of the relationship. If you are on the fence between hiring a web firm, or working with a family member who is trying to get into the business, get in touch with us. We may have an exciting and mutually beneficial opportunity.


And last but not least, the classic problem for all small business owners: acquiring the budget to afford everything the website needs. This is another area where our ability as web professionals gives you more of a reason to call us than not. A freelancer may charge you less, but the product is usually lower in quality or the service behind is lacking. With us, the budgeting is a little bit easier. You can make payments. Not everything has to be upfront, or 50% now, 50% when completed. If you want to space out payments over a span of time, no problem, and this is something that really can provide you the affordability you need to get the website live online and generating leads for you.

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