Don’t lose the “keys to your castle”

or risk losing your hard work and the online business you have worked hard to build.

We hear the same story over and over again from our newer clients. A wayward designer or web developer has given up the profession or taken on a full time job, and has in turn, stop returning any emails regarding the website that has been built for you. I could roughly estimate that this has occurred to 85% of our new clients.

We like to be the company of 'good guys' here at Web Kinetics Lab, and we take that very genuinely. Even more so, we know that what you want is transparency.  Especially in a world that seems so foreign at times, where all the magic is done behind the scenes with codes and scripts, and the stories of the next best technology change each year; with the coming of new technology, of course. This is why you would hire a web development agency like WKL, for the long term prospect of continued success with a professional web firm covering your ever step. We happily take care of this for all of our clients, but still, you should never fully relinquish the "keys to the castle" to a freelancer who may not always be there for you.

What are the "keys to the castle", you ask?

Two Things you need to have FULL control of your website:

1.) Domain Name

This is the most vital login information that you MUST ALWAYS maintain in your own personal records. It is the login information with the company you purchased the domain from.  Backed it up! Saved it in multiple places! Have it written in the journal by your bedroom table.  Whatever you must do, you must always maintain login access to the company where you purchased your domain name. Examples would include: godaddy, register.com, bluehost, hostgator, etc. Almost all web hosting companies offer the ability to buy and own domains through their accounts.

2.) Web hosting

This is where people get the most confused. They believe that the login to the domain name account means they have everything they need. Your website files are usually maintained on a different web server, that would have a different account login access and billing requirements.
If your website builder did not specifically give you access to your 'web hosting login', then you must assume you don't have it.  Get that access today!  No matter what it takes, get this access.  These are the keys to the castle that is your website, and without them, you could unfortunately end up in a situation where you have to rebuild your website from scratch.  Having this access will prevent that problem of ever occurring, while your business thrives for years online.

It is just that simple. You just need to be sure you always have access to your domain name login account and your web hosting login account, sometimes called a cpanel login.

So in summary:

Domain Name Access = The name of your company to online global domain name databases held throughout the world.


Web Hosting Access = The computer where the files are stored online to be 'served' any time someone wants to visit your website.

Domain name and web hosting, always maintain access and back up the information! This could save you loads of valuable time and precious money to fix if your web developer just never returns your emails or calls. You can always contact a reputable web development firm like us here at Web Kinetics Lab, if you have run into a similar issue recently.


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