Spotlight Redesign: Defaulted Student Loan Solutions

The project began as a smaller budgeted redesign of an already existing website. In general terms, the word 'redesign' though it is not a real word, is intended to describe designing a website that is already live.

With this project, we were asked to bring out the colors and increase the lead flow. Here is the original home page that Web Kinetics Lab was hired to redesign.

Original DSLS Design

Where we started before the redesign

Our client like the content, but needed it to have a new "feel". So we took the elements of the existing site, and moved them around a bit.

The reason for this is to restructure the information architecture in a way that will visual direct the audience to the information they needed most. Many times that was to contact the firm, so we made the form very prevalent.

The second thing was to be sure we highlighted in a significant way, the company's accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

Then we decide we would add a bit of web kinetics by providing a highly visual and attractively animated slideshow. Here are some screenshots of what we came up with:

Featuring the BBB

Featuring the BBB

DSLS Home Page Slide #2

Fly High and Live Debt Free!

DSLS Home Page Slide #3

A Fresh Start Slide

DSLS Home Page Slide #4

Act now slogan was used to show how important the new regulations were.

DSLS Home Page Slide #5

Very effective slide by lowering payments per month to $5.

Please visit our client's website to see the slideshow in action!
The Content of the website is even more important than the design, so this is how we worked to improve the readability of the website's content pages:
Added Content that helped the company be more clear about what work they do.

Added Content that helped the company be more clear about what work they do.

DSLS Contact Us Page

DSLS Contact Us Page

Thank you for reviewing our wonderful client's recent successful redesign. Since becoming live, the site has increased it's leads by 16% and the phone calls are "rolling in like never before".

If you would like Web Kinetics Lab to redesign your website, Contact us from the contact section of our website we will bring new life and energy to your existing internet presence.

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